Born in Lanús, Buenos Aires Province, 1924

Died in Pinamar, Argentina, 1993


Lived in Buenos Aires, 1930 to 1967; scholarship in Paris, 1952 to 1953; moved to Pinamar in 1967



1940 – 1943

National School of Fine Arts, ‘Manuel Belgrano’, Buenos Aires, Argentina


1958 – 1963

Professor of Fine Arts, National School of Fine Arts, ‘Manuel Belgrano’, Buenos Aires, Argentina



Significant solo exhibitions include:


Víctor Magariños D. – Presencias Reales’, Museum of the National University of Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires, Argentina



'Magariños D.’, Museum of Contemporary Latin American Art of La Plata, Argentina   


Recurrent annual solo show from 2002

Centro de Artes Magariños D., Pinamar, Argentina  



‘Retrospective: Víctor Magariños D. 1924/1993’, National Museum of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires, Argentina



‘Víctor Magariños D. Antología inedita sobre papel’, Borges Cultural Centre of Buenos Aires, Argentina



‘Víctor Magariños D. – Finito-Infinito – Homage to Georges Vantongerloo,’ Musées Royaux de Beaux-Arts, Belgium



‘Magariños D. Pinturas’, CAYC, Buenos Aires, Argentina



‘Magariños D.’, The Venezuelan-Argentine Centre for Cultural and Scientific-Technological Cooperation, Caracas, Venezuela



‘Victor Magariños D.’, Institute of Modern Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina  



Major group exhibitions include:


‘Abstract Art from Río de la Plata: Buenos Aires and Montevideo 1933-1953’, The Americas Society, New York, North America



‘Argentinische Kunst der Gegenwart’, The Kunsthalle, Basel, Switzerland  



‘Contemporary Art 1942-72’, Albright - Knox Gallery, New York, North America



The X Sao Paulo Biennial, Brazil



‘Latin-American Art 1931-1966’, Museum of Modern Art, New York, North America



'Pintura - Latin American Art since Independence’, Yale University Art Gallery (travelling to University of Texas Museum, San Francisco Museum of Art, La Jolla Museum of Art, Isaac Delgado Museum of Art in New Orleans), North America



‘The Emergent Decade’, Solomon Guggenheim Museum, New York (travelling to the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, among others), North America



‘New Art of Argentina’, The Walker Art Centre in Minneapolis, North America



‘From Concrete Art to New Trends’, The Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, Argentina



The XXVIII Venice Biennial, Italy



Selected Collections

The Museum of Modern Art, New York

The National Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels

Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo, New York

The National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires

The Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires

The Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires



The Centro de Artes Magariños D.

A non-profit museum created in 1994 by Dolores Rubio and the Friends Association of Victor Magariños D. (AAVMD). It is a meticulously preserved museum of his studio, archive and workshop. In 2000 it was declared a Historical and Cultural Heritage Site of the Pinamar Municipality and more recently, was incorporated into the Network of Creators' Houses of UNESCO, an international initiative that proposes to connect cultural spaces in Latin America.