Artist Estate Representation

Victor Magariños D.

Cecilia Brunson Projects is pleased to announce the worldwide exclusive representation of the estate of Victor Magariños D. (1924-1993), whose first posthumous show in Europe opens in our London gallery on February 23rd 2019: Victor Magariños D. – Works on Paper 1950s-1990s


Victor Magariños D. grew up in Buenos Aires to become a painter, sculptor and thinker who resists easy categorization, standing alone as a unique figure within the tradition of post-war abstraction in Argentina.  Completing his higher studies in fine art in Paris in 1951-53 an early relationship with Georges Vantongerloo (whom he recognized as a mentor) set him on a lifelong trajectory into what he described as Cosmological Art. His position was one of complete isolation from the major artistic groups in Buenos Aires, both ideologically and geographically after moving to a remote Argentine seaside town, Pinamar, in 1967.


The studio-workshop he established in Pinamar remains preserved as a UNESCO-protected museum and archive of his extensive output over four decades. Until now very little of this outstanding artist’s extensive work has been shown to the public.

January 11, 2019