Museum Exhibition

Victor Magariños D. at Mu.ZEE, Oostende

Works from the Estate of Victor Magariños D. are part of the exhibition 'Trans-Atlantic modernisms. Belgium and Argentina ca. 1910-1958' at Mu.ZEE, Oostende. 


'The exhibition concerns the Belgian-Argentinian artist, Julio Payro, who developed a lifelong friendship with Paul Delvaux, the Belgian artist, Victor Delhez, who emigrated to Argentina after the death of his parents, and the Argentinian lawyer, Ignacio Pirovano, friend of Vantongerloo and collector of his works.

This is an unprecedented, unique narrative that includes masterful pieces by Belgium and Argentina’s modernist elite, among others including Victor Delhez, Frans Masereel, Marthe Donas, Paul Delvaux, Georges Vantongerloo, Anne Bonnet, Jo Delahaut and Alejandro Xul Solar, Emilio Pettoruti, Raquel Forner, Tomas Maldonado, Victor Magariños, and Juan Del Prete.'


The curators of the exhibition: Juan Cruz Andrada, Adriaan Gonnissen, Laurens Dhaenens and Emma Driesprong.


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February 8, 2022