Karin Lambrecht

1 - 31 March 2021

Cecilia Brunson Projects is delighted to present Winter, the first UK exhibition of Brazilian artist Karin Lambrecht. Focusing on the period since the artist moved to Broadstairs in the United Kingdom in 2017, the exhibition includes a series of monochromatic, ink on paper works as well as a selection of gestural, colourful paintings all of which demonstrate the artist’s intuitive, processual style.


The title of the exhibition, ‘Winter’, derives from the inclusion of the word in many of Lambrecht’s recent works. With this word, the artist explores the poetics of seasonality and acknowledges the starkness of winter in her new surroundings in Broadstairs on the Kent coast, where winter brings cold weather, a lack of colour, and less light in the day. The word ‘winter’ appears in Lambrecht’s monochromatic works and in the darker sections of her more colourful paintings; the word subsequently becomes attached to the notion of a chromatic deficit and forces the viewer to look harder (or elsewhere) for brighter colours. The connection to seasonality in Lambrecht’s work is inevitably attached to an interest in temporality. In her ink on paper works, the artist depicts and references the Sun, Moon and Earth in order to further expand the scope with which she considers the concept of time. She is interested in natural time and the astronomical factors which provide the basis for humanity’s attempts to understand time, and to subsequently divide it into months, seasons and years.


In due course we will create a dedicated exhibition webpage to help share as much meaningful information on this exhibition as possible.