Karin Lambrecht

5 January - 5 February 2021

Cecilia Brunson Projects is glad to announce an exhibition of works by Brazilian artist Karin Lambrecht (born 1957 in Porto Alegre, Brazil). The exhibition will mark her first with the gallery.


Lambrecht's painting and scultpure embodies the gestural abstraction of her 1980s Brazilian generation whilst referencing Arte Povera and much of the work of Joseph Beuys. Using vibrant pigments, produced by the artist herself, she applies broad, gestural brushstrokes to hand-stitched, torn, and burned canvases, sometimes incorporating organic materials such as animal blood, charcoal, rainwater, and earth. Her recurring motifs include crosses and handwritten enigmatic words that emerge from layers of paint. 


In due course we will create a dedicated exhibition webpage to help share as much meaningful information on this exhibition as possible.