Jaime Gili at the Summer exhibition at the Royal Academy

The painting by Jaime Gili shown at this year's Summer exhibition at the Royal Academy, has a title in two parts reflecting that the painting comes from two different families of works. Zacca refers to a 2007 painting which had a strict grid structure where all the elements fit, but providing a lot of the visual tension required. The division in this painting clearly show two parts that appear side to side as positive / negative spaces.


On the other hand, Ouled, refers to another family of works that stemmed from a trip to Morocco in the early 2000, particularly from a town in the pre-Sahara desert called Ouled Berhil. Jaime kept the colour palette from the place recorded, and he has used it from time to time, like in this case. The colour of the sand, the concrete and the earth bricks, contrasted (or not) with the only painted elements on sight, the metallic doors and windows of the houses.




Run without interruption since 1769, the Summer Exhibition is the world’s largest open submission art show and brings together art in all mediums by leading artists, Royal Academicians and household names as well as new and emerging talent. Around 1,200 works will be on display.

June 4, 2019