Paz Errázuriz : Los Nómadas Del Mar [Nomads of the Sea]

11 June - 15 July 2021
Installation Views

Cecilia Brunson Projects is delighted to present five photographs from Paz Errázuriz’s series Los Nómadas Del Mar [Nomads of the Sea]. This series of photographs was originally shown at the 2018 biennial, SITE Santa Fe, which was curated by Jose Luis Blondet, Candice Hopkins, and Ruba Katrib.


This series was taken in 1996 on the east coast of Wellington Island in the extreme south of Patagonia. It is here that the last full-blooded Patagonian indigenous people – the Alacaluf – live. With respect and caution, this photo-essay documents a fragile indigenous community violently segregated and threatened by extinction. At a time when indigenous communities across the southern cone are threatened and their way of life at risk, due to ongoing injustices and the spread of Covid-19, this series takes on enhanced significance. The exhibition not only presents Errázuriz’s art but also amplifies the voices and perpetual struggles these indigenous communities are facing.


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