Museum Exhibition

Feliciano Centurión at MALBA

Aó: Textile Episodes in the Visual Arts in Paraguay


We're pleased to announce that Feliciano Centurión has been included in this new group exhibition at MALBA (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires). The show brings together sixteen works by ten artists closely connected to Paraguay and its textile practices. 


“The history of Paraguay has always been crossed by fabric.  is the word in Guarani that names all its possibilities: clothing, decoration, coat... In each fabric, a form of the alphabet is put into play. The hands link, warp and plot; they record thread by thread their own stories. Paraguayan popular fabrics tell stories of the people who make them (mostly women) and use them in the domestic or work environment”, says curator Lia Colombino, director of the Museo de Arte Indígena, Museo del Barro, Paraguay. 


Link to exhibition page here.


8 April - 1 August 2022

MALBA, Buenos Aires

June 8, 2022