33rd Biennial of São Paulo, Brazil (Fundação Bienal de São Paulo)

Cecilia Brunson Projects is delighted to announce the participation of Alejandro Corujeira, Claudia Fontes and Feliciano Centurión in the 33rd São Paulo Biennial taking place from September 7th until December 9th, 2018 at the Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavillion in São Paulo, located at the Ibirapuera Park.


Alejandro Corujeira (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1961) is one of the central artists highlighted in one of the 11 individual exhibitions under the title of “Affective Affinities” curated by Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro. His work has a fluid and formal perception, which appears to want to capture the movement of nature.


Another highlight is Footnote by Claudia Fontes. For this work, Fontes placed porcelain ornaments depicting animals on the roof of her house. These were dropped and smashed by a family of seagulls who nest on the roof. The artist collected the fragments created from the breakage and covered them in cotton muslin with the help of a team of forty women. Their brief was to conceal the shape while describing it by sewing around it. Each fragment was then associated and labelled with a word from the detective story she commissioned from writer/ translator Pablo Martín Ruiz, which contains clues of the curatorial thinking behind the exhibition. Footnote can be read as the poetical translation of the fictional story.


Also on view for the first time is Feliciano Centurión, a Paraguayan artist who died from the complications of AIDS in 1996. Centurión was a part of the movement called Arte Light which came about in the early 90s and was linked to the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center in Buenos Aires and Jorge Gumeir Maier. These artists were known for referencing the poetics of the past, revisiting pop art, minimal art and concrete art through use of kitsch and progressive attitudes to sexuality, intimacy and lifestyle. They emerged in tandem with the fall of right wing dictatorships across Latin America and the Soviet bloc beyond.

September 11, 2018