Vortic: London Collective

Sandra Monterroso: Works on Paper

Announcing our participation in  Vortic's London Collective presenting Sandra Monterroso’s works on paper.  Link for App: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/vortic-collect/id1503616751


Hosted on this virtual platform that launches today, and among an group of London galleries, we will be showcasing work by our artists on the App.


Our show consists of recent works on paper by Sandra Monterroso (Guatemalan, b. 1974). Monterroso has developed a socially and politically motivated practice in which she strives to restore her cultural and ancestral heritage as a Mayan artist. She covers the paper with a fabric soaked in indigofera guatemalensis. This technique allows the pigment to stain the paper naturally, creating geometric and marbled forms that are unique to each work.

July 1, 2020