Lucia Pizzani at Fundacion MARSO Residency

Lucía Pizzani ends her artistic residency at the Marso Foundation with her exhbition 'Coraza'. 


Pizzani's project continues with the line of research of the artist in which the transformation and metamorphosis through ceramic, photographic, installation, performance and video in relation to the body.

Since her visit to Mexico City in February 2018, when she exhibited at ZonaMaco Sur under the curatorship of Kiki Mazzucchelli, Pizzani took the Aztec god Xipe-Totec as a reference to continue this idea of ​​the "Second Skin". Intrigued by the story in which the priest wore the skin of the vanquished warrior as a symbol of renewal and to start the corn harvest, the artist has developed an installation in clay called "Coraza". The exhbition consists of clay leaves  textured by Corn, a large serigraphy made from a snake skin and a series of masks that allude to the ceremonial character of this Aztec festival. 

March 12, 2019