2 - 4 November

We are delighted to announce that from the 2-4 November we are off to Turin to participate Artissima - Italy’s most important contemporary art fair now in its twenty-fourth year, to be held at the Oval Pavilion. Our booth will include an outstanding selection of works by Alejandro Corujeira and Lucia Pizzani.
Alejandro currently has an individual exhibition within the São Paulo Biennial and earlier this year had a beautiful show - Murmurs of Light - with us in London. His work involves a complex and delicate process engaging with both the world of poetry and pure painting. Corujeira's work has a poetic grounding, making his compositions balanced and deeply considered. Through his layers of almost transparent paint, light fills the canvas giving his forms and colours a weightless nature.


Lucia is bringing a selection from her sculptural series - Límbica. These organic, terracotta folds and curves make up meticulous sculptures, whose pattern and form echo the texture of skin and the human body. A diptych of photographs accompany the sculptures. Entitled Pieles, these stunning images of terracotta adjacent Lucia’s body resulting in a compelling juxtaposition between materiality and flesh. Pizzani’s sculpture have been acquire by important public and private collection such as the Colección Cisneros and Colección Juan Yarur among others. She is part of the team attending Artissima.


We very much look forward to seeing you in Turin!

September 21, 2018
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