Conversation with Pablo León de la Barra

Join Pablo and Cecilia while they discuss Feliciano's work, positioning it against the backdrop of Latin America, particularly Buenos Aires, in the 1980s and 1990s. As part of this conversation, Pablo and Cecilia will consider how Feliciano's practice dealt with identity politics during the rule of dictatorships, and how we might relate these experiences to the present day.


Pablo León de la Barra is Curator at Large, Latin America at the Salomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation, New York and Chief Curator at MAC Museum of Contemporary Art of Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro. He was born in Mexico City in 1972 and holds a Ph.D. in Histories and Theories from the Architectural Association, London. He has curated, among other exhibitions, To Be Political it Has to Look Nice (2003) at apexart and Art in General in New York; PR04 Biennale (2004, co-curator) in Puerto Rico; George and Dragon at ICA (2005) at the ICA London; This Is Not America (2009) at Beta Local in San Juan, Puerto Rico; Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, Yucatan and Elsewhere (2010) at the CCE in Guatemala; Incidents of Mirror Travel in Yucatan and Elsewhere (2011) at Museo Tamayo, Mexico City; Bananas is my Business: the Southamerican Way (2011, co-curated with Julieta Gonzalez) at Museu Carmen Miranda, Rio de Janeiro; and MicroclimaS (2012) at Kunsthalle Zurich. León de la Barra has written for publications including Spike (Austria), Wallpaper (London), Celeste (Mexico), Ramona (Buenos Aires), and Metropolis M (Amsterdam). He has participated in numerous international symposiums and conferences and is editor of his blog Centre for the Aesthetic Revolution.


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October 18, 2019