Lucía Pizzani


In the same exhibition where Errázuriz is featured, we are very happy to have Lucía Pizzani, another gallery artist, collaborating with the TPG. Pizzani has been commissioned a written piece that will accompany her photogram series for Viewpoints. This section on The Photographers Gallery website explores the concept of a contemporary family, inviting people to share the myriad ways in which a family today can be made up.


The acute crisis Venezuela in going through has inspired the artist to respond by doing a series of inventories of food and items of the basic need that are scarce and out of reach for most of the population. The Cesta Básica (Basic Basket Food) was selected for this commission, together with an Instagram take over by Pizzani. With these online platforms, she will communicate some of the ideas behind the work both formally and conceptually.   

June 12, 2019