Jaime Gili : 'Afuera' at Periférico Caracas

28 November 2010 - 30 January 2011
Installation Views

After four years of his first solo in Venezuela (Las tres calaveras, 2006), Jaime Gili returns to the country with the exhibition JAIME GILI AFUERA, to be presented from November 28, at 11:00 am in Periférico Caracas / Arte Contemporáneo . Residing in London since 1996, the artist exhibits on this occasion a selection of sketches, projects, models, plans, photographs and some paintings conceived for corporate buildings, public spaces, private residences and means of transport from different locations in the country and abroad.


Among the 20 works on display is the winning project of the international competition to intervene 16 gasoline tanks in Portland, Maine, United States (2008) images of the monumental intervention in the spaces of the Bloomberg Center, in London, England (2009) and   The Diamond of Seeds , mural intervention carried out in the José Félix Rivas de Petare neighborhood in Caracas (2009) with the support of the Municipality of Sucre Municipality. Two murals and a silk screen installation are added to the set, pieces specifically designed for this exhibition.


Embedded in a revision of the geometric tradition, Gili's work is distinguished by its vigorous chromaticity. According to the curator Jesús Fuenmayor Gili has detected "(...) how the kinetic arts had been assimilated from the popular. From a hybrid between the kinetic inheritance and its popular interpretations, Gili has produced the most relevant body of abstract-geometric pictorial work of his generation ". His is an expansive painting that is not limited to the frame and the canvas, proposing a frontal dialogue with the urban and architectural scene, while it is incorporated into the dynamics of mobile supports such as buses, motorcycles, trains and peñeros.


Curated by Jesús Fuenmayor, this exhibition was a survey of works created by Gili outside gallery contexts. The curator’s approach was to show poster-sized photographs of the original installations, and repeat them on the walls; as well as recreating sections of other works, adapting them to the space of Periférico Caracas. The show had, for example, a life size stainless steel replica of one of the panels from Diamante de las Semillitas, as well as documents from previous commissions intermingled with original posters and newer versions of murals. The artist’s sketchbooks were on display as facsimile copies, and completing the show was a new piece, a ten meter-long installation of stainless steel and screen-printed glass panels dividing the space in two symmetrical sections.



The exhibition JAIME GILI AFUERA may be visited until Sunday 30 January 2011, from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm. Periférico Caracas / Arte Contemporáneo is located in the Los Galpones Art Center, number 29-11 Avila Avenue with Octava Transversal de los Chorros.