Victor Magariños D.: Presencias Reales at Museum of the National University of Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires

10 August - 30 September 2011
Installation Views

This exhibition is part of the 2011 cycle in which the exhibition project Joaquín Torres García, Utopía y Tradición worked as a key to reading our artistic year and allowed us to discover, in Víctor Magariños D., the traces of that founding presence in modern art with a strong imprint in the Río de la Plata.


The abstract and concrete tradition come together in this artist of whom Cristina Rossi, the curator invited on this occasion, has made a precise selection that allows access to the different moments of development of her aesthetic project.


Line, point, plane, are the basic elements that make up the work of Magariños D. From them, manages to build an own universe, rich in nuances and diversities that are offered to the viewer as "real presences."

Such is the invitation we make to the public to discover, in each one of these works, those inventions that appear before us as pieces of a luminous, playful, diverse world. Thus, once again, the MUNTREF seeks to reveal, through a singular itinerary, the keys to the artistic processes of our country and its international projections.


Rector UNTREF / Director MUNTREF