Victor Magariños D.: Latin-American Art 1931-1966 at the Museum of Modern Art, New York

17 March - 4 June 1967
Installation Views

Press Release 


In recognition of Pan-American Week in New York, The Museum of Modern Art is presenting a special exhibition selected from its outstanding collection of Latin-American art. The show, consisting of k2 works by 38 artists, will be on view in Galleries 19 and 20 and in the lobby of the Museum's second floor from April I3 through 30. The Museum's interest in Latin-American art goes back to its first years when in 1^1 it gave Diego Rivera a one-man exhibition. At that time the Museum invited Rivera to New York to paint seven frescoes for his exhibition, one of which. Agrarian Leader Zapata, was later purchased by the Museum and is shown in the present exhibition.


Between I935 and I9I+0 Abby Aldrich Rockefeller gave the Museum a painting by Orozco and her large collection of paintings, drawings and prints by Rivera. This was the beginning of the Latin-American collection which now numbers approximately 160 paintings and sculptures, and 1,^4.00 drawings and prints, as well as photographs, films and design objects. Other donors gave important paintings by Orozco and Alfaro Siqueiros in the late l^Os, and in 19^2 a large portion of the collection was purchased in South America, Cuba and Mexico with an Inter-American Fund established anonymously by a trustee of the Museum. This fund has been renewed regularly, enabling the Museum to continue purchasing contemporary work. Its collection is the most important one outside of Latin America.


The present Latin-American ejdiibition is divided into two sections, the first devoted to works done between 1^0 and I95O, the second to recent paintings, sculptures and constructions by the younger generation, including a niimber of new acquisitions.


The first section represents Bolivia (Berdecio), Brazil (Carvalho, M^ria Martins, Portinari), Chile (Herrera Guevara, Matta), Cuba (Cundo Bermifidez,Atnella PelCes)^ Guatemala (MSrida), Haiti ( Blgaud, Obin), Mexico (Frtda Kahlo, Orozco, Rivera, Siqueiros, Tamayo), and Uruguay ( Torres Garcia).


Eight of the recent works by the younger generation have been newly acquired and are shown in the Museum for the first time. They include five Argentine works: paintings by Eduardo MacEntyre, Rogelio Polesello and Antonio Segui; a construction of painted glass by Victor Margarinos; and the maquette for a ceiling relief made for Jorge Romero Brest by Luis Alberto Wells. A painted collage is the work of Rodolfo Mishaan of Guatemala, who lives in New York. Emilio Rodriquez-Larrain of Peru and Carlos Cruz-Diez of Venezuela, both of whom live in Paris, are also represented with new acquisitions, the former with a large painting, the latter with a painted wood panel which contains an optical section constructed of cardboard and plastic strips.


Other recent paintings and sculptures in this exhibition, which have previously been shown at the Museum, are the work of the Argentines Marcelo Bonevardi, Jos6 Antonio Ferndndez-Muro, Noemi Gerstein, and Julio Le Pare; the Brazilian Frans Krajcberg; the Colombians Fernando Botero, Edgar Negret, and Eduardo Ramirez Villamizar; the Cuban Agustin Fernandez; the Peruvian Jorge Eielson; the Uruguayan Jorge Damianij and the Venezuelans Gego and Alejandro Otero. Among the Museum's important large works by Latin-American artists which could not be included in this exhibition are Orozco's mural, Dive Bomber and Tank, 9 by 18 feet, which was commissioned by the Museum in 19^0 and painted in public in its galleries; Wifredo Lam's painting. The Jungle, which has been borrowed for Montreal's EXPO 6TJ and Matte's canvas, Le Vertige d'Eros, which is on view in Gallery 6 on the Museum's third floor.


On Wednesday, April 12, The International Council of The Museum of Modern Art and Mayor John V. Lindsay will hold a reception at the Museum celebrating InterAmerican cultural exchange during Pan-American Week, Latin-American artists, writers, and musicians, diplomats. New York City and State officials, and Museum trustees and staff will attend.