Lucía Pizzani at Photofusion Photography Centre

Lucia Pizzani opens exhibition Broader Implications at Photofusion Photography Centre, London

21 September – 20 October 2017

“Broader Implications” showcases two bodies of work by artist Lucía Pizzani made in response to the on-going crisis in Pizzani’s home country of Venezuela.

“Inventario Personal” (Personal Inventory), inspired by Anna Atkins’ pioneering book, is installed as a mural made up of cyanotypes imprinted with scarce (or completely absent) health and hygiene products. This is a new version of a mural that was originally exhibited in Caracas, alongside the work of Carlos Cruz-Diez.

“Cesta Basica” (Basic Food Basket) is a series of stark photograms based on the list of basic items a family needs to survive for a month, an economic concept well known in developing countries. Currently in Venezuela, fifteen salaries would be required to buy a month’s worth of essentials. In his exhibition text, Rodrigo Orrantia observes “Pizzani’s basket is hollow, evidencing the absence of products like eggs, rice and meat, all referencing Venezuela’s bleak basic products list. For “Cesta Basica” Pizzani takes the findings of the many experiments in Inventario Personal and distils them to create a series of images that are delicate and ethereal but also precise and solemn. It is perhaps these qualities that make the underlying political message of this work that much stronger.”

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